”Half journal, half family photo album, half (halfhalfhalf?) watercolors extraordinaire. Without reserve, I joyfully encourage you to purchase one of your own.”  —Resa Listort

Yiddishkeit means “Jewishness”. It specifically refers to the “Jewish essence” in the popular culture and Yiddish humor of Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews.

13 Yiddishkeit-inspired watercolors were painted en plein air in Provincetown, MA over a period of 8 days in the summer of 2016.

This hardbound 52-page book pairs these paintings with personal memoirs, family photographs, and anecdotes, spinning a trans-Atlantic tale that spans four generations.

8 Days of Yiddishkeit, By Reed Seifer, First Edition of 250 copies, hardbound, 52 pages, signed, 8 x 10 inches, printed on acid free paper in the USA. Published by Foundation Machamux.